Menstrual Cramp Relief from a "Weed Tampon"

If you suffer from menstrual cramps you know it can be hell to calm down the monster. But an innovative feminine hygiene product on the market could get you “high” about the way you treat your pesky menstrual cramps.

Cannabis-infused suppositories, also known as the “weed tampon” (that’s not really a tampon), is the new craze for menstrual cramp sufferers and its getting rave reviews from women who are in search of new, holistic ways to ease monthly period pain.

The suppositories, which you can use along with tampons, are sold exclusively by Foria Wellness (at this time) and contain cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound derived from marijuana or hemp. The suppository releases CBD into the vaginal canal where it is absorbed providing in many cases fast relief for up to an hour without making users high because CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Though CBD suppositories are not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, menstrual cramp suffers claim relief eight to 20 minutes after use. At this time the suppositories are only available to California residents online at a cost of $44 for a pack of four.