Get hands on group or one-on-one acrylic nail training 

Learn how to apply acrylic to nail tips and create beautiful natural-looking sculptured nails!  

In this Acrylic Nail Course, you'll learn the proper and safe way to apply acrylic nail extensions. This course will take you through the entire process of laying acrylic on tips and creating beautiful natural-looking sculptured nails.

The Course

You will learn theory and participate in an application demonstration before practicing on a mannequin hand. Majority of your time will be spent troubleshooting and practicing how to lay acrylic properly and evenly.

 In this 4-hour course you will learn what cosmetology school didn’t teach you:

  • Proper nail preparation

  • How to apply the right nail tips

  • Blending for seamless nails

  • How to sculpt nails using forms

  • Correct liquid to powder ratio

  • Safety & sanitation

  • How to do a fill/backfill

  • The proper way the size and choose the correct nail tips

  • Shaping techniques

  • Client consultation

  • Marketing your service

  • How to “lift proof” your nails

Great for students, new professionals mid-level nail techs and those who want to brush up on their skills. Completion of this course will prepare you to confidently begin offering or re-introducing your clients to acrylic nail services.

This course is a one-day 5-hour training from 10 am–3:30 pm. We ask students to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to ensure a prompt start. You will have breaks and a 30-minute lunch. Lunch will be included in the cost of your class.

We provide all products and tools required to successfully complete this training course, and we do not teach proprietory or brand-specific acrylic nail techniques.

Classes are limited to 10 nail techs. For more information or to secure your spot for the September class, click here to get on the list early!