Finding the right red polish for your skin tone

I LOVE red! Red lipstick is my favorite beauty product in the entire world! Right behind the poppin' red lip, my heart belongs to a good red nail polish. But not all reds are complimentary to every skin tone, and though the perfect red lacquer can be a wonderful muse, finding a red nail polish that compliments your skin tone is no easy task.

So, for you red-challenged beauty junkies, let's have a little class on what shades of red are best for your skin tone. 

Fair skinned peeps

Fair skin peeps have pink-based undertones, and blue-based reds or pink-based red polishes are best for you. Berry-colored red polishes pick up the pink tones in your complexion and really makes the red pop against your skin.

Light skinned ladies

For lighter complexions with yellow undertones, orange-based reds is the best choice for you. Orange-red shades highlight the golden undertones which are very flattering on light-skinned ladies. 

Women with medium complexions

Medium skin tones are versatile and can pull off reds that are dark or true red colors. You can get away with some things, so try a few colors outside of what's recommended too, you just might be pleasantly surprised! 

Olive Oyls with olive-colored skin

Brick and rusty-colored nails were made for olive skin tones! Olives have yellow-green undertones, and these earthy, rouge-y tones warm up your complexion and blend beautifully with your skin tone. 

Caramel-colored girls on a spaceship

Caramel complexions (that's me) have rich yellow-based undertones and true, blue-reds are the number one choice for us. These red polishes warm up caramel skin tones and create an effortless complement to any wardrobe choice. Just the pop of color you need in a pinch! 

Dark/mocha skinned superheroes

Dark or mocha skin tones can wear almost any shade of red. True reds, wine colors or orange reds work great for these mocha ladies with yellow undertones. But seriously, if you so desire, you can kinda wear whatever red you want. For me, this would be a superpower! Wish I could do that! 

Good luck finding your happy place - that is the perfect red nail polish!