Picture Perfect – How to Make Your Photos Shine on Social Media

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words and if you aren’t using photos to promote your work online whether on your website or via social media you could be missing out on lots of opportunities to draw in new clients.

Beauty is visual, and technology now allows us to share our work in a more meaningful way with hundreds of thousands of people for an investment of nearly nothing, except for our time and effort. Using photos in your marketing could be the difference between someone choosing you or your competition.

Quality over quantity

One great photo is better than 10 bad ones! The quality of your photos can make a huge difference in how potential clients perceive you in business. So, not only is it a good idea to use photos to market your nail business, but it’s also imperative that you use great, well-executed photos. But don’t worry, you need not go out, hire a professional photographer and set up an elaborate photo shoot. A smartphone and a few tricks and tips from a professional photographer will do!  

I talked to Kenya “KCams” Campbell, a professional photographer and special effects make-up artist to get some tips on how you can rock your next DIY photo shoot.  

How do I get noticed and make my photos pop online?

Tag your work with your brand and contact information

When you are posting photos on social media sites it won’t take long for you to see that everybody is doing it, but don’t be discouraged. Instead, focus on differentiating yourself in the market by tagging your photos using apps or sites like Phonto or Canva. Add your logo, name, salon location, phone number or whatever information you feel is important.

Use good lighting

Be careful to avoid dark or dimly lit photos. You want viewers to be able to see your work easily and not have to struggle to decipher what is what in your nail designs. Conversely, don’t go overboard with the flash. “When using flash many times you can get a flash glare that shows up as a reflection in the nails,” says KCams. “Be cautious when using a flash on glossy, shiny nails it can diminish the quality of your work.”

Take several pics at different angles to get the right shot

“Always make sure the nails are the focus of your photos. If possible, crop the photo at the knuckles so that the focus is only on the nails,” KCams advises.

Every picture you take isn’t going to be the money shot, so taking many photos at several different angles is your best bet for getting great quality photos.

Make sure the hands look attractive too

There’s truly nothing worse than seeing a beautiful set of nails on a model with dry hands or crusty cuticles. Make sure your model is camera ready by finishing the manicure, i.e. trimming dead cuticles and moisturizing the hands and skin.

Keep your overall look and theme consistent

“Depending on the type of nail the artist designs it’s good to create backgrounds that complement that,” says KCams. “Keeping a general theme or consistency that is unique to you and your brand is important to set yourself apart. Apps like Preview allow you to load photos and preset them the way you want them to appear on Instagram.

Lastly, KCams recommends searching photos on Pinterest, Instagram or other sites to get creative ideas for your own photo shoots. “Look up DIY photography for tips on cool and interesting things to try like lighting and props.”